Qivana Scam This Review Changes Everything

by paule on April 14, 2012

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Qivana Scam Chances are you have come across this website because you are looking into this opportunity or you have already joined and you are not currently succeeding and you want to know if there is a Qivana Scam going on here. The only reasons why people are making these claims are because they have joined this opportunity and didn’t realise the effort that they had to put into their business. Their new business venture is short lived because they don’t see instant success. This is why they make claims of a Qivana Scam happening.

There Is No Qivana Scam Happening Here.


I have done my due diligence into this company and have learnt that Qivana was pre-launched back in 2009 by former principals of McKesson Pharmaceuticals and four former distributors from Tahitian Noni, Xango, Nuskin, and Usana. These companies in themselves are successful marketing opportunities so there is definitely no Qivana Scam happening here. This company is in very safe hands and will be around for many successful years to come.

So There Is No Qivana Scam Now What?


Now you have learnt there is no Qivana Scam what will you do with this information? Will you ignore it and be negative about this company and industry or will you get off you backside and learn how to grow this opportunity because this industry is making average people just like you and I very successful, both financially and in life generally. Many people join these opportunities thinking they are going to become rich and successful over night and not realise that this is a genuine business and not a Qivana Scam. You have to commit to your business 110% and put every bit of spare effort into it that you have.

If There Is No Qivana Scam How Do I Make Money?


The best way to make your Qivana scam into and Qivana success is to market to the masses and the way to do this is to bring your business to the internet. The statistics show that more than 97% of new marketers fail or should I say give up within their first 3 to 6 months. This is purely down to the lack of training in which they have received. You yourself maybe being told to make a list of your nearest and dearest to prospect to, to place advert’s in shop windows and flyers on car window screens. Don’t worry I once done this and got nowhere fast myself.

I finally found a formula; a system to work with which allowed me to mass market to highly targeted leads that are looking for what I have to offer. So instead of me doing the hunting, I was becoming the hunted. As soon as I realised the power of attraction marketing and branding myself as a leader online things started to change in my life and my business. The formula that I found myself in has changed my whole mindset in this industry and as soon as your mindset changes so does your success. Put an end to the Qivana Scam allegations. Stop struggling and start succeeding once and for all because you are no longer alone.

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Thanks for reading this Qivana Scam review.

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